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Inghams Italy Advent- 7 dicembre

Sun Dec 2014

Advent 7

Have you ever tried struffoli?

They are small honey-drenched fritters usually prepared during the Christmas period. Struffoli are typical of Naples, but in fact they are quite diffused in other parts of southern Italy as well.


The recipe probably dates back to the ancient times when the Gulf of Naples was under Greek influence and the city was still called Partenope.

If you are curious to try how struffoli taste like, you can make them at home following the recipe below. This sweet treat is also perfect for Christmas parties: delicious and colourful! This dessert is traditional and very festive. However, compared to the popular Italian panettone, it is also very original at the same time. Your guests will be surprised!


400 g flour

40 g caster sugar

1/2 glass of rum

50 g butter

the zest of half an orange

the zest of half a lemon

3 eggs + 1 yolk

a pinch of salt

oil for frying

multicoloured sugar sparkles for decoration

350 g liquid honey

30 g candied orange


Mix the flour with the butter, the eggs, the sugar, the zest, the liquor and add a pinch of salt. Work the dough very well with your hands until it’s smooth and all the ingredients are properly mixed together. Cover the dough and let it rest for at least 30 min.

Take the dough, cut it and work it into long and thin strings. Cut the strings into small pieces resembling little balls. Deep fry the balls for a few minutes until nice and golden, then remove them from the pan. Let the struffoli cool down for a couple of minutes. Then take another pan, melt the honey and add the fritters, the candied fruit and part of the sugar sparkles. When the struffoli are all coated with honey, put them on a serving plate and arrange them in a cone or bagel shape. Cover with the remaining sparkles for a pretty rainbow effect. Allow the honey to set and then your struffoli are ready to be served!