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Live like a local: Dress to impress.

Thu Jun 2015


Italian’s have long been considered at the forefront of fashion. Nearly 500 years ago Elizabethan ladies dreamt of intricate lace and Venetian shoes whilst men strove for cloaks, doublets and ruffs all in the most fashionable Italian styles. Times and designs may both have changed but Italian style has unarguably retained its place. So what is the secret of Italian style?!


Italian women can count on a huge heritage of style icons for inspiration. Think Sophia Loren, ClaudiaCardinale, Monica Vitti & Monica Bellucci. Italian men look back on the charms of Vittorio Gassman, Vittorio De Sica, Federico Fellini and Marcello Mastroianni.


Italian style often refers back to the Dolce Vita; of which effortless sophistication, seduction and sensuality are the basic compounds. The Dolce Vita is about looking and feeling fabulous without being over the top. It’s all about keeping it natural!


The typical Italian beauty, from Sophia Loren to Monica Bellucci, is definitely a curvy one so ladies, embrace your curves! The trick is choosing dresses and blouses to enhance the shape of the body and not to hide it away. Think Gok, think Trinny & Susanna; they’ve been saying this all along but it boils down to that true Italian sophistication.


Italian men are also often quite concerned about their looks and tend to be well groomed and stylish. Typically, they like experimenting with their hair and with the shape of their eyebrows though this could seem a little unusual from a British perspective.


Considering that some of the world’s most iconic fashion designers are Italian, it is easy to see how stylishness is central to urban life in Italy. Valentino’s dresses enhance every woman’s femininity, Armani focuses on achieving class and elegance through simple lines, while Dolce & Gabbana’s creations represent the sensuality of southern beauties. With fashion and design an intrinsic part of Italian life, it’s no wonder that Italians appreciate designer accessories such as bags, watches and shoes.


Contemporary style revolves around the idea that one should ‘fit in’ but also ‘stand out’. There is emphasis on combining items of the moment with a recognisable personal touch, for instance, a classic shoe design in a bright or unlikely colour, a customized T-shirt or a boldly printed jacket neutralised by the rest of the outfit.


Probably the most important thing when hitting the streets of Rome, Milan or Naples is to feel comfortable and at ease whatever you’re wearing. Don’t force yourselves in uncomfortable and supposedly fashionable clothes: The key to a winning outfit is self-expression and spontaneity!